Learning to trust the whispers of your Inner Voice

I recently had an experience where an unexplainable bad feeling, gut instinct, warning from my Inner Voice, spirit guidance, guardian angel stepping in – call it what you like – stopped me from going to a yoga class. Yup, a yoga class. I would never know why  it was better that I didn’t go to yoga that day, but I just know I did the right thing by listening to my Inner Voice.

The story

I had a ticket for Sunrise yoga at the Sky Garden of The Walkie-Talkie building for Sunday 18 August.  From the moment I bought the ticket in July, I was really excited to see the space and be among the group of yoga enthusiasts.  But an uneasy feeling started to creep in at the beginning of that week. I kept thinking I didn’t want to go on Sunday morning, yet yoga at Sky Garden was on my list of Funky places to do yoga, I had the ticket, it wasn’t an ungodly hour to get out of bed, the tube had no engineer works planned so it would be an easy journey. I just couldn’t figure out why there was this constant prodding from my spirit that I shouldn’t go.

I thought maybe I was just nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, so I poured over the Sky Garden Instagram account and Google image searches for “yoga at Sky Garden” just to familiarise myself with the space in an effort to get myself excited, but still the bad feeling wouldn’t go away.

By Saturday evening I was feeling so anxious I had to drink Kalms (I swear by those beautiful white valerian root tablets of calm!) and even they couldn’t ease my mind. My head was telling me go, but my heart was saying no. Ever the optimist, I still went ahead and packed my bag, made sure I had my ticket, put the yoga mat next to the door, set out the outfit I was going to wear and went to bed thinking I’ll feel better the next day.

But no. In the early hours of Sunday I woke up from a bad dream (I very rarely remember my dreams, and almost never have bad dreams). All I can remember about the dream was a toilet bowl filled with blood (!), and also something about how one event can lead to three different life paths. Wowzer! That clinched it for me: I wasn’t going. I would just lose the £10 and make peace with the fact that I wasn’t going. As soon as I decided that, I slept like a baby.

On Monday a colleague asked me about my yoga at the Sky Garden and I had to tell her I didn’t go due to a “bad feeling”. She totally understood what I meant and as I was telling her about my decision not to go even though I didn’t know why, I got waves of goose bumps.  Side note: When the hairs on my arms stand up (I sometimes also feel it as waves over my whole body from head to toe for minutes on end) it’s a sure sign that what I’m saying or thinking is a statement or decision that the Universe agrees with. I think of it as angels stroking me with their wings in approval – the bigger the Truth, the more angels and the longer the feeling lasts. It’s like they’re saying “Good job Natasja, you got it!”. My own Spiritual Feedback System.

Back to my story.

My colleague told me that the area around The Walkie-Talkie building is notoriously windy and that pedestrians have been known to step in front of traffic because of the extreme gusts. Mmmm…. that sounds like something my guardian angels might want to warn me about.

I did some Googling and found that the The Guardian and Telegraph have articles about the strong winds around The Walkie-Talkie – the latest article being only 3 days old. The wind certainly does sound very strong and if you, like me, don’t expect it it could lead to some nasty accidents.

“You can start walking at the start of Fenchurch Street and it’s fine and then you continue and the wind just comes at you. It’s quite unexpected.”

Now, the “Walkie Talkie” at 20 Fenchurch Street in the City of London, has been held responsible for creating a wind tunnel which is knocking down shop signs, blowing over trolleys and toppling pedestrians.

Maybe I dodged a (windy) bullet on that Sunday morning?

I still love the idea of doing yoga at Sky Garden and I really want to go. In fact, I already bought another ticket – this time for Sunday the 8th of September. I don’t have a bad feeling about yoga or Sky Garden, but I do think that 18 August was not a good day for me to have been there. Now that I know it’s gusty around the building I will extra careful. I’m not saying it’s only the wind that my gut was warning me about, but maybe it was? Either way, I listened. And if I get the same feeling in the run-up to the 8th of September I won’t go.

When should you listen to the voice in your head?

My husband I talked about all of this the other night. We asked the question: when should you listen to the voice in your head? How do you know that it is preventing you from doing something stupid, or preventing you from stepping out of your comfort zone into something new & better? John has experienced listening to the guiding voice in his head and it leading to a car accident. He was driving and the voice in his head was telling him to change his route and in stead stop by a Tesco on his way home, but he didn’t feel that he wanted to go. His head kept “explaining” why it would be a good idea and in the end he listened. That decision lead to a fender bender. I on the other hand, listened to the voice in my head and I’m certain it prevented something bad from happening to me. We both listened, but had opposite experiences.

As we discussed the questions it became apparent that your feelings are key. Even though we both said the guidance was “the voice in my head” it wasn’t really. I acted on the feelings I felt (anxiety about a future event, a constant sense that something bad would happen if I go) despite the thoughts in my head that was giving practical reasons for why I should go. John on the other hand listened to the thoughts and didn’t respond to the feelings. In his case, he was already driving when the thought to go to Tesco popped in his head. He didn’t have the benefit of time, like I had. When I didn’t decide immediately to cancel the class, my Inner Voice upped the ante by giving me an anxious feeling the night before the event and eventually talking to me in a dream. John had to act quick and the feelings that it would be wrong to act couldn’t repeatedly, over a period of days, guide him like it did me. And of course when a random thought suddenly pops in your head you naturally wonder if this new, and sometimes urgent, thought is the one guiding you away from danger. So John, understandably, acted on the new thought. Unfortunately it was the wrong choice.

My advice

By comparing our two experiences we came to the conclusion that your feelings will always guide you correctly. When the new idea shows up as a thought, take your attention away from your mind, and focus it on your heart where your feelings will take over. You will either feel excited about the new idea, or you will feel hesitant about acting.  However, it is possible that feeling hesitant about acting on something new could be fear of the unknown and your Ego wanting to keep everything in your life as it is – stagnant – in which case, my advice is not to act. In stead give it time. Over time you will get signs to support the new idea – and each sign will generate a feeling. If all those responses to the signs are good feelings, eventually the fear will make way for a feeling of true excitement. If however the signs generate bad feelings about the new idea or excitement just never comes, then don’t act on the idea.

We should be grateful that we all have an amazingly accurate Inner Guidance System that is truly guiding us as we play this game of life. The more you learn to listen to it, the more it will speak to you. And the more you notice it guiding you, the more you will trust it, which means you will respond quicker to its gentle nudges.

Trust to your Inner Voice. It knows more than you think.

trust your inner voice natasjaking

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