A weird and wonderful walk to work

I was feeling very energised this morning after my morning Sworkit workout (I’m still on track with the September challenge of 30 workouts over 30 days!), and it’s an amazingly beautiful Autumn day here in London, so I thought I’d walk to work from Waterloo station along the south bank of the Thames.

Three things caught my eye: a bright pink snog bus, a giant bunny in a tiny car and a unicorn. A unicorn! True story.

Don’t believe me? – have a look at the photos.

You certainly can’t miss the bright pink Snog Frozen Yogurt bus!


The bunny is a bit of a celebrity. There were camera crews around her. I’m still trying to work out what/who she really is.



Can you see the Unicorn in the window? Or is it only me….?


Isn’t this just awesome? If I needed any proof that taking the scenic walking route to work is the way to go, this is it.

My whole walk wasn’t this weird though. Most of the walk along the Southbank is scenic in the conventional sense i.e. no unicorns or giant bunnies. (But wouldn’t it be great if we could get on a unicorn in stead of a bicycle to get to work and commuters shared the sidewalk with giant bunnies!) The Plane trees are starting to turn brown and yellow, the sky was a perfect blue and of course there’s the London skyline and the Thames. Even the busy Blackfriars bridge with its throngs of pedestrians, cyclists and cars looked pretty enough to photograph.

My last minute decision to walk in stead of taking a bus, turned a very ordinary morning into the extra-ordinary.

It just goes to show you never know what you might see if you try something different every now and again. Maybe even a unicorn.

3 thoughts on “A weird and wonderful walk to work

  1. When I worked in St. James, I often used to walk from Waterloo via Charing Cross and Trafalgar Sq. One time, crossing Trafalgar Sq., several men dressed in pink, black and brown fluffy spherical costumes ran past me shouting “Bollocks! Balls! Nuts! Cojones!”. It was a charity fundraiser for testicular cancer, and there were dozens of costumed men running round in pairs shouting euphemisms for testicles. It was extremely weird, but a fun way to attract attention.

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