Yoga at NikeTown London

Free yoga in London? Yes it does exist! Nike and Jessica Skye of Fat Buddha Yoga brings us “NTL Yoga Series with Jessica Skye” at NikeTown once a month. Not only do you get to do a  yoga class with Jessica in the empty NikeTown London, you also get a free breakfast and goodie bag. Needless to say, this is one very sought after yoga class. I should know – I’ve been trying for three months to get a place.


To book, you can follow the link from Fat Buddha Yoga, or go directly to the NikeTown London booking page. Either way, you will have to log into, or create, a Nike account. From there you add your name to the waitlist and cross your fingers.

Nike Town London yoga waitlist

The first time I signed up for the class, I thought the class is full and that’s why I’m going onto a waitlist, but it turns out everyone that signs up is added to the waitlist. 48 Hours before the session, you will get an email if you have been picked in the random draw.

I have been trying since August to get in, and then in October my luck turned. I was in! I got my email from Nike on Monday afternoon confirming my place at Thursday’s class.

It was totally worth the wait, because in addition to the usual free goodie bag and light breakfast, this time a Nike sports bra fitting was also included! Third time lucky indeed!

Sports bra fitting

Everyone had to be at NTL by 7:30 for a 7:45 start. The sports bra fitting started 7:30 and the yoga at 7:45.  We were all given beautiful teal green Indy Logo sports bras to try on. I headed to the changing room, tried on the Medium and it felt and looked really good. Then I thought: what now? Do I keep it on, do I give it back, what? I took it off and gave it back, but saw other ladies had kept theirs on so I asked the assistant what the deal is. Turns out – we keep it! So “free bra fitting” was actually “try on a bra and if it fits its yours”. I feel so lucky to have experienced this, because with my recent weight loss my old sports bras were too big and just looked a bit naff. Now I have a beautiful Nike sports bra and it didn’t cost me anything.  Thank you Nike!

After the fitting we had a bit of time to wander around the third floor and check out the merch (displayed on Regular Woman and Prosthetic Leg Man mannequins – Love!). Nike really do have the coolest, yet still feminine, workout gear.

Nike Town London

The yoga

Laid out for us were Nike yoga mats, Nike water bottles, a huge tote bag with Nike and Fat Buddha Logos and a smaller cotton bag with Champo Vata shampoo and conditioner.  Thank you Nike, Jessica and Champo!

NTL yoga series with Jessica Skye

As for the yoga, it was just as Jessica describes it on her website: Perfect for the yoga virgin, rookie and pro. Expect creative sequences, to strengthen your core, release tension and go upside down to bumping beats. Designed to leave you feeling energised and grounded with a heap of zen.

True story. This is exactly what the class was, and I loved it.

The breakfast

After yoga we were treated to a lovely spread of breakfast goodies. Usually at these kind of things it’s a bottle of orange juice and granola pot, but we were offered that plus boiled eggs pots, mini bagels with salmon & cream cheese (yum), granola bars and mini sandwiches.

NTL yoga series with Jessica Skye breakfast

My verdict

I loved my morning of yoga at Nike Town! I had been to one of Jessica’s classes before (on the roof of Coq d’Argent) but this was even better because 1) I got to experience Jessica’s class for a second time, 2) I could browse the Nike Woman gear with no-one else around, and 3) I really like a freebie. That’s the trifecta of a great morning!

Instructor: Jessica Skye of Fat Buddha Yoga

Location: NikeTown, 3rd Floor, 236 Oxford St, London, W1C 1DE

Time: 07:45 to 08:45. 45 Minutes of yoga followed by lite breakfast

Price: Free

Date attended: 24 October 2019

Yoga mats provided: Yes. And filled water bottle. And goodie bag.

Yoga intensity: According to my Fitbit Inspire HR, I burned 134 calories in 50 minutes.

Good to know: You won’t have access to any other parts of the Nike store. Entrance is via the staff entrance in Great Castle Street.  You have to take stairs all the way to the 3rd floor and on your way there, sign in at two security desks. At the end of class, you exit the same way. You can however walk around on the third floor and look at all the Nike Women gear (which is beautiful by the way) but all the other floors are off limits.

Something I learned: Nike sports bras are really comfy.

If you like doing yoga in quirky places, outside, or in iconic London buildings, check out my list of Funky places to do yoga and pilates around London.


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