Terrific Tuesday #8

On a Monday morning I’m rearing to go and to take on the week, Wednesday is the middle of the work week, on a Thursday I feel good for making it this far and on a Friday I can taste the weekend.

But what about a Tuesday? For me Tuesdays are the hardest day of the week to exercise.  I’m usually tired from the manic Monday and midweek might as well be a year away.

If you feel the same about Tuesdays, my Terrific Tuesday posts will provide motivation, a reminder of why we exercise and words of wisdom to make us feel inspired and turn Tuesday from terrible to terrific.

It's not always easy, but it sure is always worth it


It’s not always easy, but it sure is always worth it.

This is a very hard truth. Getting up at 05:30 to exercise is not always easy. Some days I jump out of bed ready to go, but not always. Other days I have to remind myself that I will feel better afterwards, that I will be proud of myself for doing it, and that it feels damn good when I can put on my “thin” trousers and they fit.

It really is always worth it, but sometimes we need to remind yourself of that because there will be days when the easier, (but not better!), option is to just stay in bed.





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