A year of reinventing myself

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my first ever pilates class and I’m still going strong – literally: I have muscles now! I’m so proud of myself, and a bit blown away by how much I love doing regular exercise. It’s been a whole year and I’m still doing this exercising thing! And not just doing it, but really seeking it out and loving every minute.

Over 365 days I have gone from absolutely hating exercise and looking for excuses not to do it, to dealing with the issue by means of hypnotherapy,  joining a yoga studio and in-between doing yoga in 14 funky locations just because it’s fun! What a journey! You can read about my “issues” with exercise here. In the blog post I expand on how one session of Rapid Transformation Therapy (“RTT”) and 21 days of listening to the reinforcement affirmation recordings, totally changed me.

But the proof is in the pudding. Check out my “New Me CV”: Since my RTT session on 27 January 2019:

  • I practiced pilates at a studio from Feb to July 2019. I started with one class a week – the first of which was 3 days after my RTT session. It was incredibly tough because my muscles were very weak, but I absolutely loved it. I increased the classes to two a week and wanted to do even more, but it would have been too expensive to do more than two classes a week.
  • I found the solution in Sworkit, an at-home exercise app. With Sworkit I started doing light weight training and really proved to myself that I am self-motived.  No instructors, no fines if I don’t show up to a class – it’s all up to me whether I do the workout, how long I work out for and how much effort I put in. For someone who used to look for any excuse not to exercise, this is  BIG DEAL! I was even asked to be a Sworkit ambassador.
  • In April 2019 I attended a pilates class in The Shard – the first example of how I had changed my opinion of exercise from something I have to do, to something I do for fun.  Wanting to write about the experience lead to the creation of this blog.  One event in a funky location wasn’t enough for me, so I started looking for more pilates events in funky locations around London, but there aren’t many pilates classes in unique locations. A lot of yoga though…. the lack of pilates classes didn’t stop me, in fact it just spurred me on and lead me to do my first yoga class on 17 July 2019 (two days before my 42nd birthday) on the roof of a bar overlooking St. Pauls’s Cathedral.
  • All the sporadic, one-off yoga events really got me into yoga. I always thought that yoga was the milder, stretchier little brother of pilates and that I wouldn’t be able to really feel it working the way pilates does. I was wrong. The more yoga events I attended and exposed myself to different teachers and styles, the more I realised that yoga was in fact able to give me the dynamic strength building workout I wanted.  So much so, that I joined MoreYoga on 24 Jan 2020 with first class on 26 Jan 2020 –  a day shy of the 1 year anniversary of my RTT session. At MoreYoga Cannon Street branch I actually do a pilates class on a Monday morning, so I’ve now come full circle.
  • I have lost 10kg since March 2019. The weight loss only really picked up once I started doing Intermittent Fasting in July 2019. I found that exercise alone wasn’t enough to get rid of those pesky fat rolls, but it definitely makes me stronger (mentally and physically) and has changed my body shape.


I have done a mix of pilates, working out at home, and yoga consistently 3 – 4 times a week for a year! This is such a BIG DEAL for someone who had a pattern of giving up on exercise after two weeks.

I feel so priviliged to be living in London where I have access to yoga studios like MoreYoga and experiences like doing yoga on a glass walkway over The Thames or  under a blue whale skeleton or  just being able to appreciate a great view on my walk back to the office after a hour of yoga with an excellent teacher.


If anyone is reading this, hoping to also reinvent themselves, my advice is to:

  1. follow your heart. It will lead you to the perfect therapy/therapist/book/podcast to change your mindset;
  2. be committed to making the change. It’s going to take about a month for the old habits to be replaced by the New You habits so stick with it;
  3. make it fun for yourself (like I did by combining exercise with new and unusual venues);
  4. be kind to yourself and take it easy

UPDATE: Twenty days after writing this blogpost, I enrolled in a Resilience & Wellness Coaching Certificate course! I submitted my application on 22.02.2020 at 11:11.   (I love repeating numbers, and especially 11:11.) The Reinvention that started on 2 February 2019 seems to have been leading me to this moment all along. I am incredibly excited to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for me!



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