So this happened…

February 2020 has been one heck of a month for me. It started on 02.02.2020 when I met up with my friend Zoe. We worked together a few years ago, until she left the company to become a Narcissist Abuse Recovery coach. She has a successful practice giving men and women the tools & support to help them recover from toxic relationships, having been in one herself.

We met up for lunch on the one year anniversary of my very first Pilates class – the one I did a few days after my Rapid Transformation Therapy session in 2019. I wrote about how far I had come since that first Pilates class, in this post. What I didn’t mention in that post was that I had seen Zoe on the same day. At our lunch we talked a lot about her coaching practice, how her life experiences had lead her to become a coach and how she has used those experiences to help others. I was very inspired by her story and remember telling her that I know my life is also going to “take a turn” but I wasn’t sure in what direction. All I knew was that it would be something to do with helping others based on my own life experiences of Law of Attraction, resilience and that I want to do something where I can apply and strengthen my intuitive guidance.

After that meeting, nothing much happened until the weekend of 15 and 16 February. I had been having problems with a colleague at work for about a year and the emotional toll of that difficult relationship came to a head over the weekend. I hadn’t really realised how much working with her had changed me – but my husband certainly noticed. Long story short, after a lot of crying and reflection, I decided I couldn’t pretend there wasn’t a problem at work any more and that I would speak to my manager about her.

On Monday the 17th I walked into the office a different person with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Funny thing is, I had not yet spoken to anyone but just knowing that I was going to deal with the problem, made me feel like my old self again.

Thursday the 20th I was talking to very, very, good friend at work. She told me about her friend who retrained to be a physiotherapist after receiving physio herself and realising that that’s actually the job she should be doing. She had been a secretary for more than 20 years when she retrained, and now she’s at the top of her game as a physiotherapist and much, much happier.

The next day, Friday 21.02.2020, was when things really started to fall into place. That morning I told my husband the story about the lady who retrained as a physio. Within 10 minutes, between him combing his hair and me putting on my make-up, he suggested I should retrain as a coach. He pointed out all the signs I had been getting and the fact that I have so much life experience – why not get a qualification, become a wellness coach and make good use of my hard earned life experience?! It totally made sense!

The beauty of it all is that I don’t need to know exactly when, how or where I will be a coach – for now all I have to do is to act on the nudges that the Universe is sending me and get the qualification.  It was decided. I will retrain as a coach! I was buzzing with excitement all the way to work, knowing that I found that “thing” that Zoe and I had talked about on 02.02.2020. I spent the morning researching accredited health and wellbeing courses. Just before lunchtime I found the course I wanted to do and sent my husband an email with the details.

Just as I hit send, I realised I had to go to a yoga class at MoreYoga Cannon Street but I hadn’t changed into my gym gear yet! It was 12:10, class starts at 12:30 and I still had to walk the 15 minutes to get there! Yet, something told me that I should still try to make it to class, even if I may be late. So I did. I was 5 minutes late to the class which I felt really bad about – I’m never ever late for anything, but as I lay there trying to regulate my breath I was happy I persevered. Class was amazing – I love the instructor’s style – but the clincher happened at the end.

During Savasana Chris read a poem from “Soul to Soul” by John Mundahl which had me in tears. The poor guy had never seen me before and I was late to his class, but I just had to go up to him and tell him (between sobs and smeared mascara) that his poem had given me the confirmation I needed that I’m doing the right thing by studying to be a coach. This is the poem:

A Precious Human Life by the Dalai Lama

Every day, think as you wake up,

Today I am fortunate to have woken up,

I am alive.

I have a precious human life.

I am not going to waste it.

I am going to use all my energies to develop myself,

To expand my heart out to others,

To achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all human beings,

I am going to have kind thoughts towards others,

I am not going to get angry,

Or think badly about others,

I am going to benefit other as much as I can.

That evening I talked things through with my husband one last time just to make sure that it’s the right course with the right accreditation. I had total peace of mind that I found the perfect course for me and I paid the £269 initial sum.  I went to bed on Friday evening feeling like a different person! All that was left to do was to fill out the enrolment form, but that could wait until Saturday.

On Saturday I woke excited and feeling light as air.  I had my coffee, showered, downloaded the enrolment form, filled it out and drafted an email to Laurel. It was 11:11 on 22.02.2020 when I sent the email.  I believe that when I see repeating numbers, my life is flowing in the right direction. It’s like I’m riding a wave of goodness & right decisions. The more I notice the repeating numbers when I’m making decisions for my life, the more I know I’m making the right decisions and the flow just gets stronger and faster.  11:11 Is an especially powerful repeating number. Not only was sending my course registration email on 22.02.2020 at 11:11 an huge positive sign from the Universe, but I had officially started the next chapter of my life exactly 20 days after telling Zoe that I knew something else was out there for me.

amazed at what you attract once you start believing in what you deserve

“You’ll be amazed at what you attract once you start believing in what you deserve.”

I shared this image on my Facebook page on 31 January 2020 – before I even had my meeting with Zoe. John had said the same thing to me on Friday morning when he encouraged me to train as a coach. I just had to believe I can do it. Once I did, the wave started building.

I am incredibly excited about 2020 and what it will bring. I’m literally buzzing all the time just thinking about all I will learn in my coaching course, and the new career that will follow.

Watch this space!


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