Bees, Flowers and You – a story of abundance and contrast

We need only look to nature to understand what it is to live a life of abundance and how good it is to be proud of who you are. Look for instance at these yellow daisies growing along a coastal path in Mossel Bay. You notice and appreciate these pretty yellow flowers, any flower in fact, because they stand out against the green foliage. The yellow pops against the green, and the sheer number of flowers – the abundance of flowers – is what makes you take notice: that’s abundance and contrast on display.

You too can, and should, shine your light by contrasting to your environment. By standing out, you draw naturally to you what you need. Bees visit a flower, drawn in by the bright colour, pattern on the petals and the smell of sweet nectar. Without the bee, the flower will die without having fulfilled its purpose.

“But there’s more to pollination than sight and smell. There is also electricity in the air. Dominic Clarke and Heather Whitney from the University of Bristol have shown that bumblebees can sense the electric field that surrounds a flower….. “We found some videos showing that pollen literally jumps from the flower to the bee, as the bee approaches… even before it has landed,” says Robert. The bee may fly over to the flower but at close quarters, the flower also flies over to the bee.”

National Geographic article published 21 February 2013

Just as the flower’s energy field is drawing bees to it, the human energy body, the aura, is doing the same. It is drawing to it what it needs. Effortlessly. Beautifully. To attract pollinators the flower isn’t doing anything other than just being a flower. Bees go to the flower, not because the flower is calling the bee, and also not by actively doing anything. No, it just stands bright and proud and it knows who and what it is: a yellow daisy. It does not make excuses for being yellow or for being a daisy, and neither does it pretend to be what it is not. All flowers attract what they need and are appreciated for their individual beauty. The purple morning glory flowers are not any less pretty to look at just because it grows next to a yellow daisy. In fact they compliment each other. The yellow appears more vivid against the purple.

When you understand and fully grasp that you need only shine your light into this world, what you need to thrive, will be drawn to you. Be the beautiful, perfectly, divinely designed, unique you and allow what you require to thrive, to come to you.