Discerning the truth

Have you ever heard or read something and it hits you really hard? Sometimes it can even be a physical sensation where you lean back in your chair, you get chills on your scalp or your jaw drops. Or you say “that resonated with me” in response to a particularly insightful comment. That’s the vibration of truth. You felt it because it has an energetic frequency that literally resonated with your energy field. There’s a reason people call it a truth bomb – the energy of it will blow you away! Even when your mind says “no, this can’t be the truth. I don’t want to believe it”, or “I can’t believe it” because it goes against everything you have been told to believe, or chose to believe, about yourself or your life, the resonance of the truth is going to make itself known. So be discerning. Pay attention to your feelings and to what you feel in your body because it will let you know the truth of the matter.