Yoga in the Sky Garden

Affectionately known as the Walkie Talkie Building, 20 Fenchurch Street is an office building in City of London with a beautiful surprise. Its top three floors hold London’s highest public garden. It literally is a garden the sky and it’s beautiful! Best of all, you can do yoga right there among the plants, under theContinue reading “Yoga in the Sky Garden”

Yoga at Sweaty Betty Richmond

Did you know that you can do yoga for free at Sweaty Betty branches all over the UK? How great is that?! I of course had to check it out. It’s not just yoga though – Sweaty Betty also offer HIIT, Barre, Outdoor Bootcamp and other classes. In-store classes can be booked via this page.  AsContinue reading “Yoga at Sweaty Betty Richmond”

Learning to trust the whispers of your Inner Voice

I recently had an experience where an unexplainable bad feeling, gut instinct, warning from my Inner Voice, spirit guidance, guardian angel stepping in – call it what you like – stopped me from going to a yoga class. Yup, a yoga class. I would never know why  it was better that I didn’t go to yoga thatContinue reading “Learning to trust the whispers of your Inner Voice”

Yoga on the roof of Coq d’Argent

Thursday mornings at 07:45 Jessica Skye of Fat Buddha Yoga teaches Rise’n’shine yoga on the roof terrace of Coq d’Argent, the french restaurant at 1 Poultry. If you think that sounds cool, it is. The roof terrace isn’t very big, but it’s green, it’s a roof, you can see the sky for miles and itContinue reading “Yoga on the roof of Coq d’Argent”

Yoga and Pilates in funky places around London

I’m on a mission to attend yoga and pilates classes in unusual locations and the most iconic buildings in London. Rooftops, museums, top floors of London skyscrapers, stores, bars, clubs – you name it I want to plank there. London is filled with yoga teachers who host classes in these weird and wonderful locations. WeContinue reading “Yoga and Pilates in funky places around London”

Green and White Vegetable Risotto

Here is an easy risotto recipe with four green and white vegetables that you can chop (excuse the pun) and change to make six different vegetarian risotto versions. The photos show my cauliflower + asparagus, and broccoli + pea risottos. Think of the risotto as a base to which you add two vegetables and eachContinue reading “Green and White Vegetable Risotto”

Brown rice and vegetables with blue cheese stuffed mushrooms

Mushrooms and cheese go together. Blue cheese and sage go together. Mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese and sage would therefor go together. And it does. Oh boy, it does! The blue cheese stuffing is super easy to make. It’s just blue cheese, fresh sage, breadcrumbs and a bit of milk. Easy. Just one word ofContinue reading “Brown rice and vegetables with blue cheese stuffed mushrooms”

Fear is the Cheapest Room in the House

This morning on my way to work I was listening to the podcast of Oprah interviewing Jack Kornfield for SuperSoul Conversations. Every sentence of that interview is food for the soul (as are all Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations) but for some reason when Jack quoted the first verse of the poem “Fear is the Cheapest RoomContinue reading “Fear is the Cheapest Room in the House”

Parmigiana with Ricotta and easy bruchetta

We’re going Italian with today’s vegetarian recipe. No pasta or meat in sight, but it definitely has an Italian feel to it. Especially if you say it like this: Par-mi-gi-aaaaana *fingertips of right hand bunched together while hand is waving up and down* Right? It’s Italian! My Parmigiana is made up of layers of slicedContinue reading “Parmigiana with Ricotta and easy bruchetta”

Big Crunchy Salad with honey lemon dressing

Purple, green, salty, sweet, tangy and very crunchy. That’s the Big Crunchy Salad! I almost don’t want to write out a recipe for it because it’s so easy to put together. You’ll be mixing chickpeas, courgette, baby spinach, red cabbage and feta cheese with brown rice. In my case, I used a packet of SeedsContinue reading “Big Crunchy Salad with honey lemon dressing”

Beautiful Yellow Butternut, Couscous and Veggies

Totally out of the blue, I’ve developed a love of yellow. The strange thing is, I never used to love yellow – in fact I actively avoided it, but now yellow is all I see! I recently bought mustard yellow shoes (it’s a amazing how much wear you can get out of a pair ofContinue reading “Beautiful Yellow Butternut, Couscous and Veggies”

Colourful Edamame Spaghetti Stir-fry with Tahini dressing

For me, bright colours equal happiness. Red + Yellow + Green = Smiling Natasja. Would it then come as a surprise that this bowl of mange tout, baby corn and red pepper on a bed of light green edamame spaghetti is my culinary happy place? I mean look at it! It’s as if someone toldContinue reading “Colourful Edamame Spaghetti Stir-fry with Tahini dressing”

What do you mean there are different types of cinnamon?

Cinnamon is cinnamon. Right? Just like nutmeg is nutmeg and rosemary is rosemary. Nope, it’s not. Cinnamon comes from the Cinnamomum Zeylanicum plant commonly referred to as “Ceylon cinnamon” or from the Cinnamomum Cassia / Cinnamomum Loureiroi / Cinnamomum Burmannii  plants commonly referred to as “Cassia cinnamon”. It’s grown in Sri Lanka (formerly known asContinue reading “What do you mean there are different types of cinnamon?”

Quinoa with Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Onion

Looking for a healthy balanced vegetarian dish that only uses three main ingredients, one of which is a Superfood? Well, here you go: quinoa, sweet potato and red onion salad. The recipe is inspired by Deliciously Ella’s Quinoa, Raisin and Sweet Potato Salad. She uses fennel and as the title suggests, includes raisins. I didn’tContinue reading “Quinoa with Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Onion”