Get an expert to do it for you.

Last week I employed a freelancer from Kenya to help me with Natasja King Coaching. That’s a first for me. But when something means a lot to you, like launching yourself as a coach, you want things to be done right. There’s a lot on the line, and first impressions last! I’ve never before thoughtContinue reading “Get an expert to do it for you.”

A year of reinventing myself

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my first ever pilates class and I’m still going strong – literally: I have muscles now! I’m so proud of myself, and a bit blown away by how much I love doing regular exercise. It’s been a whole year and I’m still doing this exercising thing! And notContinue reading “A year of reinventing myself”

A weird and wonderful walk to work

I was feeling very energised this morning after my morning Sworkit workout (I’m still on track with the September challenge of 30 workouts over 30 days!), and it’s an amazingly beautiful Autumn day here in London, so I thought I’d walk to work from Waterloo station along the south bank of the Thames. Three thingsContinue reading “A weird and wonderful walk to work”