Bitter sweet facts about sugar

I really don’t eat much sugar. I don’t have breakfast at all (I do 16:8 intermittent fasting), I drink coffee and tea with unsweetened soy milk and no sugar, lunch is a tortilla wrap with lettuce, carrot, cucumber and cheese / roasted sweet potato & feta / tuna / boiled egg and in the evenings…

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Exercising before eating breakfast burns more fat

Exercising before eating breakfast burns more fat

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, health scientists found that by changing the timing of when you eat and exercise, people can better control their blood sugar levels.

The six-week study found that people who performed exercise before having breakfast burned double the amount of fat than the group who exercised after breakfast. The increased fat burn is mainly due to lower insulin levels during exercise when people have fasted overnight, which means that they are able to use stored fat as a fuel.

Source: ScienceDaily, 18 October 2019

Physical activity may protect against new episodes of depression

Physical activity may protect against new episodes of depression

Increased levels of physical activity can significantly reduce the odds of depression, even among people who are genetically predisposed to the condition, according to a new study from researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).  The team reported that individuals who engaged in at least several hours of exercise each week were less likely to be diagnosed with a new episode of depression, even in the face of high genetic risk for the disorder.

Source: ScienceDaily, 5 November 2019

Yoga in the walkways of Tower Bridge

Isn’t this sunrise over Tower Bridge just beautiful?! I was greeted by this pink, purple and orange sight yesterday morning. My usual morning walk to work is along the South Bank so why did I find myself in front of the Tower of London looking towards Tower Bridge at 7 am? Because dear reader, I was…

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Isometric Strength Yoga workout

Last week I did a short video of myself using dumbbells and a resistance loop in a Sworkit workout. This week I’m sharing a video of myself doing an Isometric Strength Yoga workout.This was a tough one because each pose is held for 40 seconds. That doesn’t sound like a long time, but it’s really…

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Things you learn when you make a video of yourself working out

At-home exercising apps really are fantastic and I love using my Sworkit app – I’m in my living room every morning huffing and puffing, swing weights around and trying to do push-ups. The only down side of working in my living room is that I can’t see myself performing the exercises. I just have to…

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Yoga under the blue whale skeleton at the Natural History Museum

My Sunday morning was a bit surreal. I was at the Natural History Museum London at 7:30 and walked into the Hintze Hall as the very first visitor for the day – before the doors open to the public. To do yoga. Under a blue whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling. How amazing is that?!…

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The Sworkit Leaner Workout Plan

When I started using Sworkit back in May 2019, I kicked off my “New Me” fitness habit with the Sworkit Beginner Leaner Plan. The Leaner Plan is all about toning and feeling amazing. Tone Up, Feel Amazing. Leaner is here to help you focus on toning your body feeling great about the body you’re in. It…

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Homemade Granola

Have you ever tried making your own granola? I always thought it would be really tricky but it turns out it’s one of the easiest and satisfying things you can bake! It’s quick, healthy and as a bonus, the house smells lovely.I will happily make this granola every Saturday – I actually think I may…

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Yoga at NikeTown London

Free yoga in London? Yes it does exist! Nike and Jessica Skye of Fat Buddha Yoga brings us “NTL Yoga Series with Jessica Skye” at NikeTown once a month. Not only do you get to do a  yoga class with Jessica in the empty NikeTown London, you also get a free breakfast and goodie bag. Needless…

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OM Yoga Show London 2019

The OM Yoga Show London was held at Alexandra Palace from 18 to 20 October 2019. It was my first time visiting the biggest yoga gathering in Europe, and one of the largest events in the world. They are not kidding. It’s big and there is a lot going on! I was lucky enough to…

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I survived the Sworkit September challenge

It’s 1 October, which means the Sworkit September challenge is over. So did I stick to it? Yes! Over the 30 days of September, I did the 30 challenge workouts. Even the dreaded cardio ones. In this post I promised to check in again at the end of challenge, so here goes. What is the…

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Yoga at the Design Museum

Yesterday was another yoga first for me: I did yoga in the atrium of a museum. To be specific, the Design Museum in London. It’s a beautiful building with many interesting angles and lines and the yoga was really enjoyable. The Design Museum atrium is just small enough that you can hear the instructor and…

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Gratitude versus Appreciation

Do you think there is a difference between gratitude and appreciation, or is it just semantics? Technically they are synonyms but I think, on a spiritual level at least, there is a difference.   We say “grateful to”, but “appreciative of”. Its the “to” and the “of” that gives a hint as to what I’m…

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How I made the change from hating exercise to loving it

In my social media profiles I say “Wife since 2001, vegetarian since 2018, exercising since 2019, trying to be a good person since 1977”. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I only started exercising in 2019. February 2019 to be exact. I’m 42 and I can honestly count on my fingers the amount of…

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