Reiki Experiences

Reiki is at work, whether you are aware of it or not.

In the short time I’ve been a Reiki practitioner, I have heard so many beautiful stories of how Reiki had affected my clients while receiving treatments. I have also had amazing experiences when giving Reiki to clients and whilst doing Reiki self-treatments.

On this page, I am going to be capturing some of these experiences. When you read through these, you will see that people experience Reiki in different ways – as visions, sounds, bodily sensations, or emotions. This is because we are all unique, and we process information in different ways. One person might learn better by listening, whilst the other gets information better by reading or doing. These natural preferences are also reflected in how people experience Reiki.

I hope you will find these tales of Reiki at work just as wonderful as I do.

Please remember that when you receive a Reiki treatment, it’s possible that you may not feel, see or hear anything, and that is 100% OKAY! We are all different, and just as our pain thresholds differ, so too do our sensitivity to changing vibrational energies. Reiki is still working whether you feel anything or not, so please don’t compare your Reiki experience to the examples in this list. Reiki is at work, whether you are aware of it or not.

In the very early days of my Reiki practice, I was giving Reiki around the head area of a client, when I had a vision of a wooden door with a round knob. I got the sense that I was up close to this door and that it wasn’t very big, though it filled my vision. The door also opened towards me. I thought this was strange, but it was very clear that the door opened towards me, and it wasn’t a regular door size. After the Reiki treatment, my client told me that she had injured her right eye when she opened a kitchen cupboard door hastily whilst her head was turned. Her kitchen cupboards are wood effect with round knobs.

About 15 minutes into a distance Reiki session I felt compelled to go back to my client’s crown chakra and give Reiki to that area again. After a few minutes of giving Reiki to the crown again I went back where I had left off, and completed the therapy session. Afterwards the client told me that about 15 minutes in, her phone had rang. She declined the call and returned her awareness to the Reiki session. This could be why I felt compelled to “go back to the beginning” at the crown chakra again. She also told me she had seen light green at start of session, which changed to sky blue and then indigo. Throughout the session she was aware of a slight pressure on her body, as if she was covered by a blanket.

About 20 minutes into a distance Reiki session I felt a sudden loss of the connection with my client. I had a strong sense that I needed to reconnect to my client and whatever had happened at her end, was sudden and strong. A few seconds later client messaged to say her mother had burst into the room suddenly and gave her a fright. She couldn’t continue with the session, but reported that she was in a state of levitation about to lift out of her body when the interruption occurred. The 20 minutes of Reiki she had received felt very good and she was in a state of deep calm for those 20 minutes.

A client had forgotten that we were scheduled for a distance Reiki session that would start at 4 pm. Admittedly, I had also forgotten to send him a reminder of the session 10 minutes before. At 4:30 pm he messaged me to say he had noticed himself becoming very calm and clear headed and he wasn’t sure why. When he looked at his watch he remembered Reiki would have started 30 minutes earlier.

Within 2 hours of a short 15 minute Reiki “taster” treatment, my client got the news that he has been moved to the top of a NHS waiting list. He had been on the waiting list for 5 months. A little while later he received a call out of the blue from a disability support group through which he had received support & training years ago. They called to offer him a free place in a new course that focuses on exactly the issues he had been dealing with lately.

A client reported “a sense of piece I had not experienced in a very long time” after receiving Reiki therapy. He had a vision of a white feather dusting off debris that was clinging to his aura around the shoulders and upper body. He also saw a messy ball of twine, but as I was giving Reiki to his head area the ball of twine unwound and the strings became more ordered. He felt energized and calm afterwards.

During a distance Reiki treatment I felt compelled to put my hands on either side of my client’s chest, on the rib cage, when I was working on her heart chakra. Usually my hands stay above the heart, but this time I had the distinct sense that it should move to her ribs (the heart chakra also serves the lungs and the earth element for the heart chakra is air). At the end of our session my client called me to say that she had felt the urge to take deep breaths during the session, and had been feeling “pressed down” and “constricted”, which lead her to request the Reiki session. I wasn’t aware of this. Strangely enough, before I started the distance Reiki session, while preparing and centering my myself, I did Complete Breathing, a technique I learned a few weeks prior. This distance Reiki session was the first one I did since having learned the Complete Breath. After just three complete breaths I could feel the energy channels open up and Reiki started to flow much stronger, much quicker than usual. So when my client told me that she felt the urge to breath during the session, I told her of my experience with Complete Breathing and told her to use the technique for herself. This is a classic example of how Reiki connects people and how the knowledge and life experiences of the one, can help the other.