Treatments & Fees

I offer Reiki energy healing treatments from my home in Mossel Bay, South Africa and distance Reiki treatments that can be provided to any location or timezone worldwide.

My Reiki therapies are charged on a Pay-It-Forward price structure. Those who are able to comfortably afford my services (Silver price band) have the option to pay a little bit more (Gold price band). Those additional monies will go directly toward supporting the fee of someone who would find it financially challenging to pay the silver rate (Bronze price band).

I brought in this system to make it possible for everyone to afford Reiki and so that those who are financially prosperous can share that abundance with others by paying a bit more for their treatments.

I’d like to think this pricing structure is as an example of the Reiki Principle of “Just for today, be kind to others and to yourself”. If you feel you want to show someone kindness, you can pay the Gold rate. If you want to be kind to yourself by accepting kindness from others & cutting yourself some financial slack, you pay the Bronze rate. And in the middle lies the Silver rate. You do what feels right for you.

Pay-It-Forward – you choose which price band you want to pay: Bronze, Silver or Gold

Distance Reiki treatment30 Minutes of energy healing to any location and timezone worldwide.R150R225R300
In-person Reiki treatment45 Minutes of Reiki energy healing. The session includes a short consultation. R270R405R540
In-person chakra balancing and Reiki treatment1 Hour treatment that includes balancing of the chakras followed by Reiki energy healing. I use a
pendulum to detect how open each of the seven main charkas are. Once all the charkas have been
opened and are beautifully aligned and balanced, I start the Reiki therapy. A short consultation is included in the hour.
Please note that the treatment room is accessed by way of 40 steps.

Reiki courses

For those wishing to learn Reiki, I offer training in Usui Reiki First Degree (Level 1) and Second Degree (Level 2) in the Japanese and Western lineages. Both course take place over two days and are held in Mossel Bay.

  • This 2-day course lays the foundation of Reiki. Students will learn the philosophy, history, and theory of Reiki. With practical exercises students will feel confident to give treatments for family and friends and to use Reiki for self-healing and personal development.
  • A 2-day course that greatly increases the ability to use Reiki. The course introduces the Reiki symbols, and will explore the many ways of using them to enhance the experience of Reiki, their practical use in daily life, and their deeper meaning. Reiki 2 is known as the Practitioner Level and enables students to give professional treatments with confidence.
  • For those who would prefer not to learn in a group, or if the group course dates don’t suit you, I can teach Reiki Level 1 and / or Level 2 one-to-one. The course content is the same as for a group but we have more time for questions and to talk about how Reiki can fit into your life. We also don’t need to do the course over one weekend – it can be broken up over four half-days, two full days mid-week, or even a few hours every day for a week. The benefit a private Reiki course, is the flexibility.

Life Coaching

  • Does it sometimes feel as if life is out of control? Maybe one area is going okay, but in another it’s a total disaster. Where do you start making changes? And even if you knew, what can you do?
  • In this 1-hour life coaching session (which can be done in-person or via Zoom), we will look at the eight areas that are important for a balanced and fulfilled life. With the help of a very effective life coaching exercise we identify what is – and what isn’t – working for you at the moment. Once you have this bird’s eye view, it’s easier to form an action plan.
  • Next, I will show you how to create an affirmation to help you overcome limiting beliefs and form new habits that will support the goals you identified during the first exercise.
  • We conclude the session with a 15-minute relaxing and reinvigorating Reiki treatment to embed the affirmation into the subconscious mind.
  • You will feel confident, positive and ready to create the balanced life you seek and deserve.