Free Tarot Readings

You can help me hone my intuitive tarot reading skills, by booking a free reading.

What is tarot?

Tarot is not fortune telling but there will be a card that shows you a possible outcome. But that’s just it: it’s a possible outcome based on how things stand at the moment. You can absolutely change the outcome!

Tarot is a way for you to see all the pieces of a problem, of yourself, or a stage of life laid out before you and based on that overview you can decide to continue as you are, or make a change. The choice is yours.

Between you – as the person that knows best what is going on in your life – and my intuition, we will figure out some stuff.

It’s fun and you might just get some good advice or learn something about yourself!

What to expect from the reading

Once you have booked your reading, I will get in touch to arrange the time and send over a Zoom video meeting request.

We start off by you telling me what you want to get out of the reading. When the questions are formulated, we get ourselves comfortable and relaxed. Once we are both in the right frame of mind, I shuffle the tarot deck until you tell me to stop. (If we were meeting in person, you would be the one shuffling the deck.) I lay down the cards in a spread and from there we just have fun and see what the cards reveal.

Afterwards I will send you an email with photo of the card spread and a short summary of what was revealed. I can also record the Zoom meeting if you prefer.