Create a balanced life workshop

The Workshop to Create A Balanced Life

Rediscover a Life of Harmony and Joy

Have you ever felt that you’re trying to keep too many balls in the air, all threatening to plummet to the ground at any second? Do you find yourself wishing for a life where work, finances, self-development, health priorities, and relationships all receive equal amounts of your time and energy? 

Well, we have the answer! If your nodding along as you read this, then our fast-approaching ‘Create A Balanced Life’ workshop might be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for.

A Sneak Peek into What Awaits You

Our ‘Create A Balanced Life’ workshop is more than just a 3-hour workshop. It is essentially a wellness experience designed to equip you with practical techniques and tools which can help you to create harmony in every aspect of your life. Be it tacking control of your stress levels or cultivating healthier habits to nourish your mind, body, and soul, we have every aspect covered for you. 

  • We will help you get a bird’s eye view of all the aspects of your life so that you can see which area(s) are out of balance with the rest,
  • create a new vision for a more harmonious life,
  • formulate positive statements aligned with your new goals, and
  • guide you through a sensory experience whilst you receive an individual Reiki treatment designed to deepen the affirmations and intentions set during our time together.

Introducing Your Guides for the Day

The backbone of the workshop are your facilitators, Natasja King and Franscke Marais. With their tried-and-tested guidance and highly personalized approach, you’ll find yourself in very good hands on the way to a more balanced, satisfying, and joyful life. 

  • Natasja is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki teacher trained in London and now based in Mossel Bay. She teaches Usui Reiki courses from level 1 to level 3 (Master level) in Mossel Bay and Pretoria. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your overall wellbeing with Reiki treatments, or interested in learning the energy healing system of Reiki, Natasja is committed to supporting you on your journey. Her mission, deeply informed by her expertise in both energy healing and a background in life coaching and trauma therapy, is to spread hope and healing, guiding individuals toward the life of joy and optimal well-being that they deserve.
  • Franscke is a holistic wellness mentor and entrepreneur. Trained in Mindfulness coaching, intuitive counseling, health and wellness therapy, and is also a Reiki Master. Her focus is holistic wellness and aims to inspire and empower individuals in practicing daily habits for better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, guiding others to thrive rather than just survive. She is the founder of The Goodness Hub in Wilderness.

Be a Part of Our Journey

This is your opportunity to re-think, re-centre and re-balance. We will help you to achieving that dream, balanced lifestyle. The workshop is scheduled to take place on Sunday 28 April 2024 at Floreer in Hoekwil, Wilderness. Secure your tickets right away and give yourself the tools to recreate a happier, harmonious version of yourself.

Don’t forget about the light lunch and discount coupons to the value of R800 included in your ticket!🎉

Buy your tickets here.

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