Personalised Numerology Report


Discover Your Life’s Purpose with a comprehensive Personalised Numerology Report

Are you searching for answers about your purpose in life? Look no further! A personalised numerology like the Destiny & Identity report can provide you with valuable insights into your life’s path and destiny in this lifetime. It’s a way for you to understand who you really are and discover your true purpose in life. 

Your personal numerology report will be at least 15 pages long and is made up of the following:

  1. Explanation of what is numerology. (This blog post also explains how your name and birthday reveal your purpose in life.)
  2. Birth chart analysis
  3. Strengths and weaknesses based on our birth chart
  4. Ruling number that sets out your life purpose, your preferred way of expression your purpose, unique characteristics, negative tendencies, recommended development areas, and most suitable occupations
  5. Day number
  6. Personal year number and a glimpse into what each month of the year might have in store for you
  7. Four key years for your personal growth
  8. Name chart analysis with your soul urge, outer expression and complete name numbers

Book a call with Natasja

Want to dive deeper into your personal numerology report? You also have the option to book a call of 45 minutes with Natasja. Discuss your report in detail, ask questions, and gain further clarity about your life’s purpose. Natasja will provide you with additional guidance and insights she may have come to whilst working on your report. Your numerology report will contain a lot of information and much for you to think over, so give yourself at least three days to read and take in what the report reveals before discussing it with Natasja.


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Your Life Path Number and Birth Date Analysis

To generate your personalised numerology report, Natasja will analyse your birth date and calculate your life path number, a key indicator of your unique personality traits, strengths, and challenges. By understanding your life path number, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and why you who you are. With this information to hand, you can make informed decisions about your future.


Discover the Power of Your Name

Did you know that your name holds a special significance in numerology? The Destiny & Identity report includes a analysis of your name, revealing hidden meanings and insights about your character. Understand how your name influences your life and make the most of its power.


Unlock the Secrets of Four Key Years in Your Life

Our numerology report goes beyond just a general analysis. It gives you a detailed forecast of the four key years in your life, giving you a glimpse into what each year might hold for you. Whether it’s career changes, relationships, or personal growth, our report will help you navigate through these important periods.


Personalised Forecast for the Current Year

Curious about what the current year has in store for you? Your personalised numerology report includes a forecast of what the current year and the twelve months ahead might hold for you. Gain valuable insights into upcoming opportunities, challenges, and potential areas of growth. When you know when to act, rest or reflect, you can make the most of every moment and create the life you desire.


VERY IMPORTANT:  Use the “Order notes” space at the bottom of the check out page to write your date of birth and the name  you hear the most. For instance if your birth name is Samantha but everyone calls you Sam, you would write Sam.

Your comprehensive Destiny & Identity report will be emailed to you within seven days. If you choose to also have a follow-up consultation, we will arrange the time and date for the video or phone call (whichever you prefer) by email.


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