Reiki Master & Holistic Wellness Coach

Welcome!  I’m Natasja, a  Reiki Master  and Holistic Wellness Coach from Mossel Bay, South Africa.  

My goal is to help you regain balance and harmony on a physical, mental and emotional level, and ultimately live a more joyful life.

How I can help you be happier

Reiki Therapy

Remote and in person

I offer Reiki treatments from my home in Reebok (a suburb of Mossel Bay) and distance Reiki treatments that can be provided to any location or timezone worldwide.  A Reiki treatment promotes relaxation and improves the flow of energy in the body, thereby bringing about a sense of peace and overall well-being.

Wellness Coaching

Remote session

Coaching services include unblocking therapy where I help you see past mental blocks so that you can become unstuck, trauma therapy, and a holistic wellness coaching therapy designed to help you create a balanced life. Sessions are held via Zoom.

Reiki Courses

In person

For those wishing to learn Reiki, I teach Usui Reiki courses in the Japanese and Western lineages from Level 1 to Master level. Courses take place over two days in Mossel Bay, Bloemfontein and Pretoria.

Corporate Wellness

Workshops and Webinars

Personal Development and Career Development coaching workshops and webinars for the workplace that will help employees be their best selves. 

The Four Levels of
Reiki Healing


Reiki supports and accelerates the body’s own healing abilities, alleviating pain and other symptoms while the body rids itself of toxins. It balances and harmonizes the energy field, promotes a sense of wholeness and overall feeling of wellbeing.


Reiki inspires you to examine emotional responses, let go of negative emotions and promotes qualities of love, patience, and good will. It can also help you to channel emotional energy into creativity.


Reiki leads to a deep state of relaxation with the consequent release of stress and tension. It allows you to let go of negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, replacing them with positive thoughts, serenity and peace. It also encourages you to pursue goals and reach your full potential.


Reiki helps you to accept and love your whole self and to accept others as beautiful souls on their own journey. It encourages you on your individual path towards personal growth and spiritual development. It strengthens your connection with your “higher self” and God.

Reiki Courses

I offer regular training courses in Usui Reiki. Courses take place over a weekend and are held in Mossel Bay, Bloemfontein and Pretoria. 

This 2-day course lays the foundation of Reiki. Students will learn the philosophy, history, and theory of Reiki. With practical exercises students will feel confident to give treatments to family and friends and to use Reiki for self-healing and personal development.

A 2-day course that greatly increases the ability to use Reiki. The course introduces the Reiki symbols, and will explore the many ways of using them to enhance the experience of Reiki, their practical use in daily life, and their deeper meaning. Reiki 2 is known as the Practitioner Level and enables students to give professional treatments with confidence.

Master Level courses are divided into Master Practitioner (Level 3a) and Master Teacher (Level 3b) courses.  

Happy Clients & Students

Amazing!! Amazing!! There are no words. She is the best of the best🙏. I was not in a wonderful space body aches and many other things😫. I was feeling awful for days. I left there feeling lighter and happier I even took a nap when I got home and I never take a nap in the day. During the session Natasja had her hands over my eyes and I saw this milky blue 🔵. I even had a vision in-between my session 😲 it's the best experience to have. I will recommend her to anyone 😇.
Reiki Client, mossel bay
Wat n insiggewende wonderlike naweek saam met Reiki Master Natasja waar ek my Reiki 1 workshop suksesvol voltooi het. Van die oomblik wat jy instap was jy hartlik ontvang met liefde en deernis wat absoluut haar persoonlikheid en praktyk weerspieël. Sy is hoogs gekwalifiseer as Reiki Master Teacher beide in die Western en Japanese Lineage. Sy het in London haar opleiding ontvang Wat n voorreg is dit om deel te wees van die Reiki familie waar sy ons leer om n holistiese benadering te volg vir energie geneesing wat nie net fisiese geneesing is nie maar ook Mind-Body-Spirit.
reiki level 1 student, mossel bay
What a blissful experience. I highly recommend Natasja King Reiki for anyone looking for a beautiful journey into the energetic body. She has an amazingly calming energy about her and I could feel a deep sense of relaxation and clarity during our session. There are no words to fully explain what I experienced with Natasja, all I can say is wow. Thank you Thank you Thank you🙏🏼
Reiki Client, mossel bay
The course was amazing. I loved feeling part of a community. I loved the validation of these energies as being real, and not make believe. I loved learning how to be one with then energy and how to share it. This course makes Reiki real. It makes you feel whole.
Reiki level 1 Student, Pretoria
I just wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the amazing online Unblocking session we had together. What really stood out to me was how skillfully you helped me explore painful subjects & created a safe space where I could share my feelings without ever feeling exposed. And when it was time to wrap up, I appreciated how you made sure to close all the doors that we had opened together, so that I didn't leave the session feeling raw or vulnerable. I want to thank you for the resources you sent my way after our session. Thank you again for all that you do. You are amazing! 🙂
wellness coaching client, johannesburg
Reiki Master Mossel Bay

About me

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Holistic Wellness Coach and Corporate Wellness trainer

My passion in life is to make people feel better.

My background as a life coach and trauma therapist taught me listening skills and how to ask the right questions. Then as a Reiki practitioner, I learned how to use the universal energy to heal others, but the most valuable thing I learned in my life journey thus far is that my intuition is always right. I trust it implicitly and rely on it to guide me in everything I do. 

Your intuition has guided you to find this website. Good job for listening to the voice that told you to visit my page! It’s no accident that you are here.

I would LOVE to help you feel well in body, mind and spirit. With my life experience, training, connection to Reiki and intuition, and your desire to heal I believe we can definitely bring about positive change for you!

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