Helping you find the answers that will empower you to take charge of your life.

Life isn’t always easy.

When faced with a life-changing event or standing at crossroads, you may feel stuck, overwhelmed by the number of choices or decisions you have to make, and in need of guidance.  

It’s difficult to know whether you should stick it out at the job that pays well, but that you dread doing.

Or you are being pulled between looking after elderly family members and moving to your dream house miles away.

You may be trying to lose weight but can’t seem to get to your goal weight.

Maybe you just feel you need to make a life change but don’t know what that would look like, nevermind how to make the change happen.

I believe passionately that each and every one of us already knows the answers that will allow us to move forward in life.

Sometimes you just need a little help to tap into that divine knowledge and someone to help you create a plan of action.

I’m Natasja and I’d love to help you.


I’m a very intuitive person, studying to be a Wellness & Resilience Coach. It’s the perfect marriage of spiritual and practical.

I’m also a wife, vegetarian, into yoga, PA at a law firm, and I speak Afrikaans.

Resilience & Wellness Coaching

In a coaching conversation, the aim is for you to gain clarity about your situation or problem so that you can make progress and move forward.

I ask the questions, we work together to identify your main focus area, set goals, and agree on the steps you will take. I will motivate and encourage you all the way.