How to deal with change

Dealing with change is undoubtedly the most stressful thing for humans to have to endure. No, allow me to rephrase that. Stress isn’t caused by change, change becomes stressful when we don’t adapt. When we don’t roll with the punches. And it really can feel like a punch in the gut. There are times whenContinue reading “How to deal with change”


Ironically I have been putting off writing this assignment for a few days. It started as a joke to say to my husband “I probably have to start working on my procrastination assignment. I have been putting it off long enough” but before I knew it, three days had gone by and I still onlyContinue reading “Procrastination”


I have always been fascinated by aromatherapy and the power of smell to evoke happy memories. Whenever I smell jasmine I am reminded of my first holiday in Corfu. A large jasmine plant covered the walkway to our room. When we sat outside or left the room, the smell would envelop us. And when IContinue reading “Aromatherapy”


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