Significance of Gratitude in Reiki Practice

The Power of Gratitude: Understanding the Significance of saying Thank You in Reiki

Why Do Reiki Practitioners Say Thank You at the End of a Treatment?

At the end of a Reiki treatment, it is common for practitioners to say “thank you” or “thank you Reiki”. This simple expression of gratitude holds a deep meaning and significance within the practice of Reiki. In this article, I will explain some of the reasons behind why I and other Reiki practitioner say thank you,  and the importance of the hand gesture known as gassho that accompanies the words “thank you”.

Expressing Gratitude in Advance

For me one of the main reasons why I say thank you at the end of a treatment is to express my gratitude in advance for the healing that I know has, and will continue to, take place. By acknowledging and appreciating the potential for positive change, practitioners set the intention that whatever happens is for the highest and greatest good of the recipient.  

"Healers have just such faith [an extraordinary belief in the positive force of the Universe]. It is a faith that crosses over into Absolute Knowing. They know that you are meant to be whole, complete, and perfect in this moment now." - Conversations With God, Book 1
Conversations With God, Book 1
Neale Donald Walsh

If you hold such belief, then saying “thank you” even before your client has left your treatment room or told you that they notice a positive change, is the most natural thing in the world. 

Gratitude for Being a Conduit

Another reason why Reiki practitioners say thank you is to express gratitude for being used as a conduit for the Reiki energy. Rather than taking credit for the healing that occurs during a treatment, we recognise that we are merely facilitators of the energy, allowing it to flow through us to the recipient.

This humble acknowledgement helps practitioners remain grounded and reminds us that we are not the source of the healing, but rather a vessel through which the healing energy flows.

Thanking God, Source, the Universe or Higher Self

In addition to expressing gratitude for the healing energy, Reiki practitioners also say thank you to God, Source, the Universe or their Higher Self. This acknowledgment recognizes the divine knowledge and wisdom that guides a Reiki practice.

By expressing gratitude to this higher source, practitioners honor the guidance and support received throughout the treatment, which then deepens our own connection with the divine.

The Deeper Meaning of Gassho

When ending a Reiki treatment with “thank you,” practitioners often accompany the words with a hand gesture known as gassho. Gassho is a traditional Japanese gesture of placing the hands together in front of the heart with palms touching and fingers pointing upwards.

Gassho however holds a deeper meaning beyond a simple gesture of gratitude.  In Japanese culture the gesture also stands for devotion and humility. Additionally, the act of bringing the hands to the heart center balances both sides of the body and centres the body and mind in front of the heart centre. It gives us a moment of stillness and reflection, allowing practitioners to connect with their inner selves and the Reiki energy. 

In Conclusion

When we say thank you at the end of a Reiki treatment it is not merely a polite gesture, but a powerful expression of gratitude and reverence. It encompasses appreciation for the healing that is about to take place, gratitude for being a conduit of the Reiki energy, and recognition of the divine knowledge that guides the practice.  By incorporating the hand gesture of gassho, we further embody the principles of devotion, humility and balance. 

Thank you might be two very small words, but the energetic vibration of gratefulness behind those words, holds immense potential to affect positive change. 

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