Resilience & Wellness Coach in training

In February 2020 I enrolled in a Resilience & Wellness Coaching training course. The studies are going really well and I am super excited about my new coaching career.

The modules of my course are:

  1. Defining Wellness – assignment on the Mind-Body Connection;
  2. Long-Term Condition Applications for Wellness Coaching – assignment on the impact of wellness coaching on diabetes;
  3. Resilient Mindsets – assignment on my own experience of being resilient;
  4. Understanding the Stress-Body Link – assignment to review The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook
  5. Coaching Skills – assignment on the skills needed to facilitate a coaching session;
  6. Cognitive Behavioural Coaching – assignment to apply CBC in my own life;
  7. Motivational Coaching – assignment on Motivational Interviewing and weightloss
  8. Solution-Focused Coaching – assignment on my own experience of using solution-focused thinking
  9. Behavioural Strategies for Resilience – assignment on Self-care;
  10. Mind-Body Techniques and Resilience – assignment on Journaling;
  11. Lifestyle Interventions for Wellbeing – assignment on Aromatherapy;
  12. Embracing Change – assignment on procrastination;
  13. Planning Skills;
  14. Personal Triggers and Interventions;
  15. Work-Related Resilience;
  16. Improving client self-esteem;
  17. Mindfulness and Meaning;
  18. Ways to Deliver Coaching;
  19. Mood Food additional module.

Whenever I complete a module, I share the interesting things I’ve learned on Instagram as a short video.