Reiki Share – May 2024

This Reiki Share event took place on the day of the new moon, 8 May 2024.

When last did you ask for help? This was the topic of our discussion after the healing portion of the evening. As you will see when you watch the recording, it seems that many of us have struggled or still struggle, with asking for help. Luckily everyone on the call was willing to give advice and speak from their own experiences of overcoming the fear of being a burden, not knowing how to ask for help, not knowing what help you need or not realising that asking for help is actually a sign of strength and an act of kindness in itself.

Some words of wisdom shared by the group:

  • Someone just being kind to you, could be the help you need.
  • A good receiver, will be a good giver.
  • In the moment of receiving, you are giving someone the opportunity to give.
  • We feel we have to live to serve, but we have to receive in return.
  • You can only be as good a support to others, as you allow yourself to be supported.
  • By asking for help we are also conveying the message to the person we are asking, that they are worthy to help us. 🎤⬇️
  • Being vulnerable is being strong.
  • Go out and ask for you help. It’s an act of kindness for yourself.
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The morning after our Reiki Share, I found myself reflecting on all that we had discussed. It struck me that we had overlooked a crucial aspect: the spiritual significance of asking for help. The kanji for “Rei,” which can be translated as God, Source, Universal Energy, or Divine, depicts two wise individuals—Shamans or Priestesses—raising their hands toward the heavens, seeking assistance from above.

In Japanese culture therefor, the definition of God includes the recognition that human beings must acknowledge their need for help and then actively seek it. This act of seeking assistance is fundamental to the concept of God.

Even when we ask for help from another person (rather than directly from God), we are, in essence, reaching out to the higher energies. Our fellow human beings become conduits for that universal assistance.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s being self-aware and expressing the inner knowing that we are connected to something greater.

“Just for today I will be kind to myself and others.”

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