Documents and links for Level 1 students

Documents and links for Level 1 students

Congratulations on completing your Reiki First Degree course!  This is only the beginning….

Useful links

Instagram videos

Music for Reiki treatments

The Dewdrop YouTube channel for music with timer bells.

Some of my favourites from Dewdrop are:

Music for Meditation

Any of the music on the Soothing Relaxation channel.

Any of the music on the Inner Meditation Music channel.



Here is a nice affirmation to use for the Japanese Nentatsu-ho method or the Western affirmation strengthening technique described in Lesson 15. 

“I deserve love and I attract loving respect from everyone I meet.
My life is filled with love, beauty and peace.
The Universe is abundant, and it showers me with good.
I love myself, I love my life and all is well in my world.
I now attract to myself all that I need and all that I desire, for my highest good.”


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