Reiki Attunement 21-Day Clearing Workbook

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Franscke has developed a beautiful and detailed workbook that will guide you through the profound experience of Reiki attunements and the associated 21-day clearing process. With insightful reflections, powerful practices, and personalized journaling prompts, you’ll unlock the full potential of Reiki to heal, balance, and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.


Our 21-day clearing workbook is a comprehensive workbook, designed to guide you through the 21 days of cleansing that follows a Reiki attunement. 

The 118 pages of this beautiful workbook is divided into three sections:

  • Understanding the Reiki attunement process: Dive into the heart of Reiki with step-by-step guidance on the attunement process. Learn the significance of opening and clearing energy channels, paving the way for a deeper connection with the universal life force energy.
  • The 21-day clearing process and its significance: Gain a deeper understanding of the 21-day period post-attunement and it’s significance as a sacred time to increase the flow of Reiki energy
  • The comprehensive 21-day chakra balancing guide: This section guides you through practices tailored to nurture each of your seven main energy centers over a period of 21 days, including weekly planners, self-care rituals, affirmations, journaling prompts with space to write, recommended foods, and additional suggestions. 

Every Reiki student who has purchased this workbook has found it hugely beneficial and a great support to them through the 21-day clearing process following the Reiki attunements.

Franscke is a holistic wellness mentor and entrepreneur. Trained in Mindfulness coaching, intuitive counseling, health and wellness therapy, and are also a Reiki Master. Her focus is holistic wellness and aims to inspire and empower individuals in practicing daily habits for better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, guiding others to thrive rather than just survive.

The pdf can be printed for personal use. It prints beautifully in A5 or A5.

Please do not redistribute or resell the electronic copy or a printed version of the workbook. Franscke has drawn on years of experience and my hours of hard work in order to create this wonderful workbook. Thank you for understanding and respecting her intellectual property.

Thanks Franscke for putting this great workbook together. I’ve really enjoyed putting time aside each day, becoming more aware of the importance of stillness, connection, discovery, and so much more. I am committed to continue on this path. ❤❤❤ – Hilda Joiner, 10 December 2023.


1 review for Reiki Attunement 21-Day Clearing Workbook

  1. Mandy M. (verified owner)

    Truly enjoyed this clearing workbook, its honestly helped me a lot and it’s a manual you can use even post the 21-day clearing.

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