How to tell if your thoughts or feelings are from God or not

How to tell if your thoughts or feelings are from God or not

You’ve probably given this question some thought at various stages of your life. You have a decision to make, you finally make the decision because it feels right, but your head says otherwise. Or your head is saying it’s right, and your heart says otherwise. Or you meet someone and you wonder if this person was sent to you by God. Sometimes you might even have an inner voice speaking to you about something but you don’t want to trust it completely because you wonder, am I having the thought, or am I being guided by God?

The test for discerning whether what you are feeling, experiencing or thinking is from God is:
Does the thought contain joy, do the words contain truth, and is the feeling one of love.

Messages from God is always your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, your Grandest Feeling. Your Highest Thought will contain joy, your Clearest Word will be the truth and your Grandest Feeling is love.

If you use joy, truth and love as your guide you can discern whether the message being sent to you, is from a Higher Source or not. Does the idea of changing jobs bring you joy? Does the advice you are being given resonate with you as the truth even when it is hard to hear, or contradictory to what you wish it to be? Do you feel at peace and love for yourself when you imagine yourself in the new job? If you can answer Yes, it’s Divinely inspired.

But even if the idea is your Highest Thought, the word is Clear and the feeling Grand, you still have free will to decide if you are going to act upon the Divine guidance or not. I’d like to invite you to trust yourself and to trust the Divine so much, that you will go ahead and act on that thought, feeling or word. If it has passed the joy-truth-love test, why hesitate? Yes it might be a bit scary, or outside your comfort zone, but you know it is going to be for your ultimate good because it comes from God.

God guides us with experiences, feelings and thoughts of joy, truth and love.

(The inspiration for this post is from the book Conversations with God, Book 1 by N.D. Walsch)

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