Treatment and Client Intake Forms For Energy Healers


Here is the essential toolkit for every energy healer’s practice! I designed the treatment sheet and client intake form to meet my needs as a Reiki practitioner and I use it every day. I was tired of  sifting through my hand written notes and not capturing everything that transpired during an energy healing session.  As healers we often work with chakras, intuitive guidance and sometimes even Spirit Guides – this treatment sheet allows you to capture those notes.  This comprehensive downloadable document is perfect for various healing modalities, including Reiki, Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing, and Chakra Balancing.


Why This is a Must-Have for Reiki Practitioners and other Energy Healing Therapists

    • Versatile and User-Friendly: Both forms are tailored to accommodate a wide range of energy healing treatments. They are simple to use, allowing you to focus more on healing and less on paperwork.  
    • Enhanced Client Experience: Keeping detailed notes during sessions helps you track your client’s progress, tailor future treatments to their specific needs, and create a personalized healing journey. It’s a great way to show your clients that their wellbeing is your priority.
    • Efficient Record Keeping: Maintaining client records is not only a professional best practice but also a tool for building a more in-depth understanding of your client’s healing path. It aids in identifying patterns and milestones in their journey, enhancing the effectiveness of your treatments.
    • Practical and Professional: The black and white, A4 format is ideal for easy printing and readability. The text is aligned slightly more to the right so that there is empty space on the left for holepunches.  It’s a practical choice for any healing practice, adding a touch of professionalism to your service.

What Will You Receive?

  • Treatment Sheet suitable for any kind of energy healing work: There is space for date of treatment, client name, their reason for seeking treatment, the treatment you provided, what you observed during the treatment, what the client experienced during the treatment, suggested actions for the client to take, a space for making notes about the health of each of the seven chakras (for instance which were open, sluggish, or closed), any message received from Spirit, follow-up appointment date and how payment was made (cash, card, EFT).
  • Client Information Form: The form has space for the date of client intake, client name, contact details, emergency contact details, medical conditions, medication, sensitivity to essential oils, how the client heard about you, and a large area for additional information.

Easy to Download: Once you’ve completed the checkout, you’ll receive an email with the PDF document attached. You will also be able to download the PDF immediately after checkout within your browser.

(Please do not redistribute or resell these forms. If you’d like to share it with others, rather ask them to visit this shop where they can purchase the forms themselves. Thank you for understanding and respecting my intellectual property.)


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