Reiki is a holistic healing system developed in Japan in 1922. The word Reiki can be translated as “divinely guided energy”. Reiki practitioners consciously connect to Reiki and then we allow the energy to flow through our hands which we place directly on the body or a few inches above. We can also send healing energy over a distance, transcending time and space. Reiki will flow where it is needed the most, allowing the body to heal itself.

Reiki brings about change and the change is always positive.

Energy Healing

I offer Reiki treatments from my office in Mossel Bay, South Africa and distance Reiki treatments that can be provided to any location or timezone worldwide. The Reiki treatment prices can be viewed here.

What to expect during a Reiki treatment

Before our therapy session I will ask you to complete a short form with basic questions for my client records and insurance purposes. You can also use this form to tell me your areas of concern and ask any questions. Find the Reiki Client Intake Form here.

You will remain fully clothed during the treatment. During the treatment energy moves through the body’s chakras, starting at your head and working its way down to the tips of your toes. This energy will move to disperse the negative elements that are causing you blockages.

People experience Reiki differently, but most feel heat or cold in an area, a slight, not unpleasant pressure, a tingling sensation, or see colours or images. Others don’t feel anything or a mix of sensations. Sometimes the effect of Reiki is dramatic, and at other times more subtle and noticed only after a while. All of this is normal. Do not overthink what you are feeling (or not feeling). Just try to relax and know that Reiki is doing the work.

After a session, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and to avoid alcohol for a day or two. Try not to be too active after Reiki therapy, as your body will need some time to adjust to the rebalanced energies. Take it easy to help you get the full benefits of the treatment. 

Distance Reiki treatments:

I realise it can be difficult to grasp how it is even possible that I can send you healing energy when we are not in the same room, or even the same country. It may help you to think of it as the waves of the ocean. Each wave can be seen individually, and they act independently, but all waves are made up of water droplets and form part of the same immense body of water. We are the waves, and the universal energy is the water that connects us. Therefore no matter where I am and where you are, we are still connected.

A few minutes before the agreed time of our appointment, make yourself comfortable seated or lying down. You will remain fully clothed, but please remove your shoes (you can leave socks on). Ensure that you will not be disturbed.

At the agreed-upon time, I will start the therapy. After 30 minutes, the therapy will come to an end. I will not contact you after the 30 minutes. Instead, I leave it to you to contact me if and when you feel like it. Many times my clients fall asleep during Reiki so I don’t want to disturb you if this is the case. We can talk about your Reiki experience in a telephone call, or you can email/message me your thoughts.

Follow-up sessions

As with most medical treatments, healing takes time. Most people get good results from having three sessions within a relatively short space of time which is why I offer a 10% discount on a block of three therapy sessions. Many find that Reiki therapy once a month is a good way to keep on top of their general wellbeing.


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