21-day Reiki Cleanse

The 21-Day Reiki Cleanse: Managing common symptoms after Reiki attunements

Attunements are what differentiates Reiki from other energy healing modalities and the most important part of a Reiki course. It’s a truly transformative experience that can bring about profound changes in one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being over a period of 21 days. These changes are experienced as physical or emotional symptoms as the body tries to clear itself of anything that can impede the flow of the pure loving Reiki energy, and attempts to strengthen the energy body for the influx of Reiki energy.


Three most common symptoms of the 21-day Reiki cleanse

In the days after attending an in-person Reiki course, it is common for students to experience muscle aches, anxiety, and, or, physical detox with flu-like symptoms. Almost all of my Reiki students have reported to me having one or more of these symptoms over the course of 21 days.


However when you are prepared and know what to expect in the 21 days after receiving a Reiki attunement, you can manage the symptoms more easily. So here are a the most common physical symptoms of the 21-day Reiki cleanse, also known as the Clearing Process, and how best to deal with it.


1. Muscle aches and tightness

A common physical symptom is muscle pain with a general soreness or aches in different parts of the body. This is because during the attunement process, energy blockages will be released and that old emotional content leaves your bones, joints, and muscles, resulting in them becoming tight or inflamed, causing temporary discomfort. It is similar to the feeling one may experience after  a strenuous workout.


To alleviate muscle pain it is important to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs. Gentle stretching exercises, yoga, taking warm baths with Epsom salts, or applying heat packs to the affected areas can help relieve the discomfort.  Massage, especially Shiatsu massage which will also stimulate the flow of Qi, is a very good way to help move old energy out of they muscles while encouraging the smooth flow of new energy.


2. Anxiety

Something else many people experience after receiving their Reiki attunements is anxiety.


Reiki attunement works on a deep energetic level, and it can bring to the surface any unresolved emotions or fears that may have been suppressed.  Your nervous system is also undergoing a transformation and as it regulates moods, this could lead to feelings of nervousness, agitation and anxiety as the body adjusts to the new energetic frequencies. You may experience unusual nervousness as you complete mundane task, have nightmares or trouble sleeping. Though unpleasant, it is important to remember that this is part of the healing process and a sign that the body is releasing and letting go of what no longer serves it.


To manage physical anxiety during this clearing process, find activities that promote relaxation and will reduce stress. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, gentle yoga, listening to soothing music at night time, or taking walks in nature can help calm the nervous system and restore harmony.


3. Detoxing

Remember, what happens to the mind and spirit, also happens to the body. So, as your mind and spirit purge out the thoughts and energies that are incompatible with the high-vibrating energy of Reiki, your body does the same. The body begins to rid itself of anything which might inhibit your ability to comfortably hold the higher vibrations. These toxins can include: heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, viruses, and bacteria.


You’ll know this is happening if you start to feel more sensitive than usual to certain foods, beverages, or chemicals.  Other signs that you are detoxing are nausea, headaches and exhaustion. Remember that detoxing is a temporary reaction that will pass, and is a result of the body preparing itself for the higher state of vibrational energy you are moving into.


You can help you body through the detoxification process by taking sufficient rest, eating healthy, organic foods, taking vitamin and mineral supplement and cutting back on stimulants like caffeine, sugar and alcohol. 


How Water Can Help

Water is your best friend during the 21-day cleanse. Staying hydrated is vital as water helps to flush out toxins, improves circulation, enhances mental clarity and supports the body’s natural detoxification process, all of which will help with muscles aches, detoxing and anxiety.  But water is more than just a miracle working in the physical body. It is the best elemental conductor of energy in the physical realm and takes the shape of whatever vessel you pour it in, whether that be the shape of a cup, or the vibratory shape of a thought. The more water you drink, the more easily the new higher vibrations of Reiki energy will be able to integrate throughout your cells.


Ways in which to incorporate more water is to drink Reiki-infused water and herbal teas. Herbal teas have the added benefit that it can also help with anxiety (chamomile), body aches (ginger) and detoxing (green tea). A cleansing shower, soothing bath or grounding swim in the ocean or a lake will also do wonders for you during the 21-day cleansing process.



Remember, by embracing these physical symptoms, listening to your body and taking care of it, you are supporting your own self- healing. Whatever happens during the 21-day cleansing process, is always taking place for your highest and greatest good.


You may also find the Reiki Attunement 21-Day Clearing Workbook a useful tool to help you get through the 21-day Reiki cleanse. It’s a beautiful downloadable workbook that guides you through the process of clearing each of the seven chakras over 21 days with useful information, tips, and suggestions for what foods to eat, gentle exercises, journaling prompts and music to listen to.

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