What you resist, persists

– and how this applies to trauma recovery – The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung famously said “What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size”. (Over time the quote was shortened to “What you resist, persists.”) But what does it really mean? What Jung is saying is that the more you resist anything inContinue reading “What you resist, persists”

Religion and Reiki

I would like to share my thoughts about the relationship between Religion, especially Christianity, and Reiki. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that Reiki practitioners, and people who receive Reiki treatments, don’t have a relationship with God and that they “open themselves up to the devil”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Religion and ReikiContinue reading “Religion and Reiki”

Godsdiens en Reiki

Ek wil graag bietjie meer uitbrei oor Godsdiens, veral Christenskap, en Reiki. Daar is ‘n wanindruk dat Reiki praktisyns, en mense wat Reiki behandelings ontvang, nie Godsdienstig is nie en selfs dat hulle hulself “oop maak vir die duiwel”. Niks kan verder van die waarheid wees nie. Godsdiens kan vereenselwig word met Reiki want ditContinue reading “Godsdiens en Reiki”

‘n Verduideliking van die effek van Reiki

As ek die effek van Reiki moet opsom, is dit dat Reiki altyd positiewe verandering sal teweeg bring. As jy ongelukkig is met iets, of dit nou jou fisiese liggaam, emosies, denke of geestelike groei is, is dit mos ‘n verbetering waarna jy soek. Jy wil hê dinge moet verander. En dit moenie slegter wordContinue reading “‘n Verduideliking van die effek van Reiki”

How to tell if your thought or feeling is from God or not.

You’ve probably given this question some thought at various stages of your life. You have a decision to make, you finally make the decision because it feels right, but your head says otherwise. Or your head is saying it’s right, and your heart says otherwise. Or you meet someone and you wonder if this personContinue reading “How to tell if your thought or feeling is from God or not.”

Bees, Flowers and You – a story of abundance and contrast

We need only look to nature to understand what it is to live a life of abundance and how good it is to be proud of who you are. Look for instance at these yellow daisies growing along a coastal path in Mossel Bay. You notice and appreciate these pretty yellow flowers, any flower inContinue reading “Bees, Flowers and You – a story of abundance and contrast”

What to look for when choosing a Reiki course and Reiki Master

The relationship between a Reiki Master and a Reiki Student is an important one which should not be taken lightly. Reiki Masters share a little bit of themselves with every student and we create lifelong bonds. You must therefore make sure that you will get along well and, for the lack of a better word, will beContinue reading “What to look for when choosing a Reiki course and Reiki Master”

The significance of the arum lily

You might have noticed that I have chosen the arum lily, also known as a calla lily, for my Coaching and Reiki Therapist business branding. There’s an interesting story behind this, which I’d like to share with you. The process of receiving the four Reiki 1 attunements is known to start a physical and/or emotionalContinue reading “The significance of the arum lily”